Recipe for roast mushroom baking

Recipe for roast mushroom baking

Grilled mushroom is a grilled appetizer that you can learn how to cook in this part of the site kitchen.


How to prepare grilled mushrooms

Rinse the mushrooms first and then dry with a towel until the juice is completely melted. Then mix in half or salt with some salt, pepper, lemon juice and garlic to coat the material completely. Sleep in chilled olive oil and chopped parsley for 1 to 2 hours.
After that, bring the mushrooms to a frying pan and place the tomatoes,  peppers and onions in the pan and fry over a light heat and serve as a light meal.

Additional Tips

    Grilled mushrooms are a part of the meal
    Preparation time for raw materials and needs about 5 minutes
    And the cooking time is about 2 minutes.
    Grilled mushrooms can be served at meal time.
    Note that the amount of raw materials and recipe is appropriate for 1 person.

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