How to prepare barbecue chicken

جوجه کباب

With the ingredients in this cooking tutorial you can make up to 4 people with barbecue chicken. If you want to make more or less barbecue chicken you can measure the amount of ingredients needed by multiplying and dividing the ingredients.

Chicken barbecue ingredients

How to prepare barbecue chicken

To make the saffron roast chicken, we first cut the chicken breasts on the kitchen board as a chicken that is often the size of cubes. Then peel the onions and wash them and cut them on the kitchen board with a ring knife.

Or grate and grate the juice and place in a large bowl, chop the chickens, and sprinkle with chopped or grated onions. Then pour the yogurt in a bowl and stir

And saffron brew and add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and black pepper and a little salt and ginger and mix well and chop chunks and gloves and chickens face up. To taste all the pieces of chicken

Then cover the bowl with cellophane and place the bowl in the fridge to allow the chickens to fully taste and crisp for 5 hours. After 5 hours, remove the bowl from the fridge and chick the chickens.

Arrange the chickens completely in each frying pan with no spacing. Prepare them and place the butter on a kettle steam in a bowl to melt and add a little black pepper, salt and 2 tbsp. Add saffron to it

And we mix and chop the chickens and brush them with butter and saffron sauce and chop the chickens to make both chicks taste sweeter and prevent them from burning.

After roasting all the chickens, wash some tomatoes and roast them and place them on the grill to grill them and toss with roast chicken and roasted tomatoes.

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